Managing Director

Believe passionately in what you do and never knowingly compromise your standards and values.

Q-MAX Global Co. (BD) Ltd. is the supplier of construction & engineering materials which include waterproofing agents, grouting materials, construction chemicals, floor protection & asphalt materials, agents and additives. Q-MAX is headquartered in Incheon, Korea having its manufacturing plant located in Gyeong-gi do. In Bangladesh, its registered from RJSC under the Company Act XVIII as a limited liability company named Q-MAX Global Co. (BD) Ltd.

This company always endeavors to be the enterprise that propagates only quality. Q-MAX is formed with the determination to contribute to customer accepting all challenges by bringing innovative products for the construction market. We strive to become the best out of the best through devotion and continuous quality improvement. We promise that Q-MAX will be the enterprise to be loved, to accept any challenge and to accomplish harmony as a great brand.

The executives and staffs including myself are determined to recompense to the support of customer with quality and ensure satisfaction through active countermeasures against various changes of industrial society and taking initiative to address the rapidly changing business environment.

We expect your continuous advice and encouragement as well as appreciate your unchanging support for our products.

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Since its establishment, Q-MAX has been supplying precision machinery parts, aircraft fuselage parts, cam equipment and turbo components. Now it is one of the leading global supplier of engineer and construction chemicals for waterproofing and protection of concrete, asphalt and floors.

Management Principle

Our strive to lead the market with quality in

  • Manufacturing advanced construction materials
  • Customer oriented management
  • Quality first principle

Core Values

Love, Originality & Harmony

Main Products

Film type waterproofing agents for bridge deck, construction chemical products including rust prevention, protection, peeling and antifreeze agents, floor hardening and old/new concrete adhesive agent and repair materials.


We work systematically to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business and make our expertise available for the benefit of the societies where we operate.


Utilizing global experience and with state of the art facility, our research team endeavors their best for continuous improvement and develop new solutions for varied markets and our clients