Non-Shrinkage Premix type Grout


  1. Complete non-shrinkage property
  2. Final finishing dimension is accurate.
  3. NON-METALIC (Non-metallic group, ACTIVATED CARBON)
  4. Economic efficiency
  5. Workability is fine.
  6. Excellent compression strength, tensile strength, and adhesion strength

Application Method (VMG PREMIX)

  1. Before using the product, remove foreign material from the applying section, and make wet the section sufficiently with water, and remove the stagnated water on the surface before pouring the grout, or perform the construction work after applying uniformly the crack prevention agent (PROTEC) of this company to the pouring section.
  2. When mixing the grout, add accurate quantity of water. The water quantity per 1 bag of VMG PG-600 (25Kg) is as follows.
    • Thin dough: 4 LITER(water/product = 18%)
    • Thick dough: 3.75 LITER(water/product = 13%)
  3. 1950-2000Kg of VMG PG-600 will be used per 1㎥
  4. Continue the mixing while charging accurate quantity of water into the mixing device and inputting slowly the VMG.
  5. When all the materials inserted, the mixing shall be continued for at least 5 minutes more, and the product for which the mixing has been completed shall be used within 30 minutes.
  6. When applying, prevent the inflow of air by performing the one sided pouring continuously.
  7. When the work is completed, immediately maintain the wet state of the exposed surface with curing blanket or curing agent etc., and continue the water spraying around 3~7 days after the hardening
Test Results
Test Items


Test Method

225 or higher

KSF 4044

Condensation time (hour)First condensation

1 or higher

Last condensation

Within 10

Bleeding rate (%)

Below 0.5

Sodium amounts (kg/m3)

Below 0.3

Expansion height (%)1 day

Within 0.40

3 days
7 day
28 day
Compression strength (N/m3)1 day

7.0 or higher

KSL 5105

3 days

18.0 or higher

7 day

24.0 or higher

28 day

65.0 or higher