KS F4917
Waterproof Asphalt Sheet


QMAX sheet is a self-adhesion type waterproof asphalt sheet and consists of SBS modified bitumen, nonwoven polyester as reinforcement and thin special film onto its bottom. it is un-exposure type.

Sheet types

  1. Thermo fusible film
  2. SBS modified asphalt
  3. Non-woven polyester
  4. SBS modified asphalt
  5. Super-thin special polyester film


  1. It does not need extra adhesion work
  2. It has good quality against cracking, shaking and the change of seasons
  3. It has excellent properties in general
  4. It is suitable to perform for detail work
  5. It is possible to work with safety and ease relatively


  • It is ideal for general use in waterproofing work.
  • It is used as un-exposures type waterproofing sheets.
  • It is for basement structures (car parks, subway, pubic caves)
  • It is used in shower rooms, ice shields and floors under tiles.

Advantage & Disadvantage

  • QMAX sheet has weaker adhesion than QMAX poly TP, but easier and safer work is possible
  • Easy work saves labor and time.


  1. Sheet on Floor: Self-adhesion Application
  2. Sheet on Sheet: Torch Application

Standard Size

1m×10m (2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm)