Main Body Infiltration Agent


Q MAX KOTE #100 is the cement mixing siliceous series powder type coating waterproofing agent whose main material is the fine powder of siliceous series and inorganic powder of cement series and it is used by mixing the polymer dispersion agent and special additive for the improvement of waterproofing performance and constructability, and its application is for the waterproofing of structure’s internal/external sections and the waterproofing work of underground structure.


  1. Prevent inflow of moisture by integrating with the main body through the deep infiltration into it, and display dual waterproofing effect by making thick film which is identical to the main body.
  2. As it has breathability by incorporating polymer dispersion agent, bubbles will not be generated.
  3. Since it is odorless, non-poisonous, it can be used even at water tank, water purification plant, and water intake facility.
  4. As it has identical expansion/contraction coefficient with the main body, it displays the freezing fusion prevention effect, therefore, durability will be maintained.
  5. As it is the mixing agent of cement in-organic material, it displays perfect adhesive force with the concrete, therefore, there will not be any peeling off phenomenon.
  6. As this is wet type method, the work is easy and construction period will be reduced.
  7. The life of concrete can be extended through the prevention of cracking of concrete due to the corrosion expansion pressure of reinforcing bar as this product protects the reinforcing bar in the concrete by intercepting harmful materials including moisture, salt etc.
  8. As this is the water infiltration resistance product, the reaction is promoted as the contact with water is increased, therefore, waterproofing effect will be enhanced.
  9. Application of Q MAX KOTE #100 is various in terms of the purposes of surface protection of concrete, waterproofing property, dust prevention etc.



Compression strength (20° C, 14 days)

Absorption amounts Adhesion strength (20±3° C, 14 days)

Anti-partition (20±3° C, 14 days)

Gray (color is controllable)

1000 or higher

Below 2.0g 80 or higher


Application method

  1. Base surface adjustment: Before the construction work, perform thorough cleaning of the base surface so as to eliminate foreign material including dust, oil etc., and get rid of irregularity and crack state, abnormalities of connection joint section, or other elements obstructing basic performance of the product. Maintain the base surface in wet state during the construction work.
  2. Mixing: When performing the work with 2 liquids type of powder and liquid phase, perform the work with the ratio of water : KOTE#100(L) : KOTE#100(P) = 4ℓ : 1.8ℓ: 25㎏. (Slurry coat method) 3ℓ: 1.8ℓ: 25 ㎏ (If it becomes the state of dough, add small quantity of water.)
  3. Coating: First of all, make wet the coated section with water by utilizing sponge, sprayer. Perform the coating of 60∼70% of total quantity with brush or roller beforehand, and after elapsing 1~2 hours, conduct the coating of the remaining quantity. From the 24 hours after the completion of the application work, protection work including curing with water spraying etc. shall be performed.
  4. Condition of application work: 5℃∼20℃ is adequate for the application work, and if it is estimated that the temperature becomes less than 5℃ within 24 hours after the work or rain is forecasted, the work shall not be performed. (When the drying speed is fast during the work in the summer, make wet the Q MAX KOTE #100 coating surface with water.) When working section is frozen, the work shall not be performed


  • 1 ~ 1.5 kg/m2
  • Generally, 2nd coating is enough.
  • - 1st coating : 1.0 ㎏/m2
  • - 2nd coating : 0.5 ㎏/m2
  • Coating thickness in accordance with the usage
  • - When using 2.0 ㎏/m2: Approx. 1.0 mm
  • - When using 12.0 ㎏/m2: Approx. 6.0 mm


  1. The product shall be stored under normal temperature in the closed state, and opened material shall be used as soon as possible within 5 hours.
  2. During the work, skin protection actions shall be taken with rubber gloves etc., and if the material is stuck to the skin, it shall be wiped out thoroughly with water.
  3. When storing the liquid phase, be careful about freezing, and in the case of the powder, be careful about the moisture.
  4. The usage can be changed in accordance with the site condition, therefore, detail items shall be consulted with the quality department of head office.
  5. If the bottom concrete surface is too dry, there is the concern of reduction of adhesive force or peeling off after elapsing of time due to the absorption of moisture contained in the kneaded waterproofing agent to the bottom concrete inside, therefore, it is necessary to make the bottom concrete in wet condition.
  6. If worked location is exposed to direct sunlight or left to the state of too dry environment, there will be the concern of deteriorating the property of waterproofing layer due to the evaporation of moisture, therefore, from the 24 hours after the coating of the waterproofing agent, the curing shall be performed by spraying water for several days for the sake of the suitable hardening.
  7. In the case of application work of the waterproofing agent, after mixing and completely agitating the waterproofing agent of powder state and liquid phase with accurate mixing ratio, apply it to the bottom concrete surface by observing the specified coating quantity with brush, large brush, roller, and spray.
  8. In the case of applying another finishing material on the waterproofing layer, it shall be performed after sufficient review of the adhesion characteristics of the waterproofing agent and finishing material