Infiltration type Floor Hardening Agent


The Q MAX DUST COAT is the infiltration type surface waterproofing strengthening agent which is manufactured with STYRENE synthetic resin, which is an acrylic polymer, and it is the infiltration type surface waterproofing strengthening agent which displays the perfect waterproofing, surface strengthening, and chemical resistance properties by forming transparent crystallized film of the fragile concrete surface with strong adhesive force.


  1. Protection of surface and strengthening of waterproofing, vibration proofing
  2. Strong adhesive force
  3. Semi-permanent color (Colorless transparent)
  4. Perfect vibration proofing effect
  5. Chemical resistance property


  1. Floors of factories (food, chemical plant)
  2. Floors of mechanical room, parking lot
  3. Floors of buildings including power plant, hospital, school, hotel etc.
  4. Floor: Increasing vibration proofing wear resistance, and durability, protecting from moisture or chemicals etc.
  5. Waterproofing of concrete structure at sea water level
  6. For waterproofing works of drainage way, water purification plant, sewage treatment plant, and swimming pool etc.

Application Method

  1. Remove foreign material and oil etc. completely from the surface to be coated, and maintain dried state of the surface. (with vacuum cleaner or wet saw dust)
  2. During the 1st coating, realize sufficient infiltration with the quantity of 80% of required material by utilizing sprayer, roller, or brush etc., and then, perform the coating of remainder 20% during the 2nd coating.
  3. Allocate more quantity to fragile concrete floor for coating compared to the ordinary one.
  4. Perform the re-coating after elapsing