Reinforcing Bar Rust Prevention Agent


For reinforcing bar concrete structure, corrosion of reinforcing bar is not only reducing the structural performance of the structure but also causing the result of shortening the life of structure. Recently, as the speed up of reinforcing bar’s corrosion due to the using of sea sand and the development of corrosion to the field stored or exposed reinforcing bar due to the acid rain, atmospheric contamination etc. have been progressed, considerable waste of manpower and subsequent cost rising to remove the rust of the corroded section before using this reinforcing bar are taking place. Consequently, this has the advantage to realize rigid concrete structure by removing elements of loss of manpower who are being engaged in the performance of the work and waste of budget and to increase the work efficiency through the suppressing and preventing negligence of various structures by protecting the reinforcing bar before or after its usage from the external environment such as acid rain, atmospheric contamination etc. with the ANTIS, which is synthetic resin oriented anti-rust agent for the reinforcing bar.


* Steel : 2∼3m/L


  1. Preventing the rust generation of the field stored reinforcing bar which will be used for the concrete
  2. In the case of leaving the assembled reinforcing bar for long period of time, protecting them from external environment
  3. Preventing the corrosion of reinforcing bar of the structure whose concrete coating thickness is thin, which is weak to external environment
  4. In order to doubling the profitability & work efficiency by removing unnecessary process due to the corrosion


  1. ANTIS has excellent adhesive force with the reinforcing bar
  2. Prevent corrosion by effectively intercepting the infiltration of moisture and salt.
  3. Display strong adhesive force with concrete or mortar.
  4. Prevent rust generation at the welding section.
  5. Separate anti-rust treatment is not necessary as the anti-rust property is good enough.
  6. Make doubling the work efficiency

Construction Methods

  1. First of all, remove completely the moisture, oil, rust, or impurities of reinforcing bar before the use.
  2. Perform the coating on the reinforcing bar with spray, brush, or roller etc. At this moment, make the coating to be continuous and make the thickness as thin as possible.
  3. Drying time is from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. (5∼30℃)

Test Results

Test Items

Exam Results

Test Method

Acid resistance ( MgSO₄ 3W/V%, 72 hours)

No more than

KS M 5307(96) and proposed standards

Alkali resistance (CaCl₂ 5W/V%, 72hours)

No more than

Water-resistance (72 hours)

No more than