Anti-freezing Agent


The Q-MAX BD is the freezing prevention mixing agent which promotes the hydration reaction of cement and prevents the freezing damage of early stage of the poured mortar and concrete as its main composition is the special nitrogen compound in which no chloride is contained, and this properties take the role of not only lowering the freezing point to realize the freezing prevention of early stage but also promoting the settlement hardening under the environment of low temperature, therefore, this is the product to be used to solve the difficulty of the construction work in the winter season.


  1. For plastering work
  2. For mortar application work
  3. For the concrete work in the winter season
  4. When early strength is required.
  5. Other works in the winter season and all the works which require the reduction of settlement time

Specific Gravity

1.33 ±0.02


  1. Construction period reduction effect during the work in the winter season
  2. The function of lowering the freezing point of mortar or concrete to enhance their non-freezing characteristics and preventing the freezing by promoting the hydration heating of cement
  3. Prevent bleeding through excellent fluidity
  4. Application method is simple, and it displays the effects of freezing prevention and early strength by integrating with cement.
  5. It has excellent effect not only for the early strength but also for the long term strength.
  6. Its main composition is special nitrogen compound in which no chloride is contained, therefore, there is no concern of causing rust to, especially, steel items etc.

Average Quantity


Dilution rate


-5 °C

About 6 times

120 ℓ

-10 °C

About 4 times

80 ℓ

-15 °C

About 2 times

40 ℓ

Average Quantity



Cement Thin Aggregate Thick Aggregate Water


-5 °C

3-5 kg

349 825 947 164


-10 °C

5-7 kg

349 825 947 157