High Efficient Waterproofing Agent


PROSIL # 100 is the product whose main material is siloxane, and it makes strong water resistance film by deeply infiltrating into the main body’s cavity of concrete etc. and displays superior water resistance, moisture resistance effect and excellent porosity, chemical resistance etc. It protects concrete surface from freezing damage, salt damage, and neutralization by intercepting infiltration of moisture, salt etc. which are the obstacle elements of concrete inner structure.


Special mixing agent containing siloxane, solvent of hydrocarbon group etc.


  1. Application is simple.
  2. Breathability and weather ability are good as the infiltration force is strong.
  3. As it is colorless and transparent, original color will be preserved intact and the cleanliness can be maintained for a long period of time.
  4. Prevention of efflorescence phenomenon


  1. Waterproofing treatment of concrete wall
  2. Waterproofing treatment of brick, tile joint, block, stone, and wood
  3. Prevention of freezing damage, crack of building

Application Method

  1. Perform thorough cleaning so that there will not be any foreign material on the concrete surface.
  2. Spray uniformly on the concrete surface in dried state with the sprayer for low pressure application. When the application surface area is small, perform sufficient coating with roller or brush etc.
  3. The concrete surface shall be protected for more than 48 hours


  • When it is being rained during the work, re-work shall be performed after drying it. Worker shall wear the protecting mask, glasses, and gloves, if possible.
  • Perform the work at the temperature of higher than 0℃.
  • When the product is stuck to the skin, wipe it out with large quantity of water and soap.