Infiltration type Waterproofing Agent


This is the concrete infiltration type bridge deck water proofing agent which is used to protect the concrete of bridge deck and various concrete structures by taking the role of preserving the surface of structure from freezing damage, salt damage, and neutralization by completely intercepting the infiltration of moisture, salt, and acid rain etc. which are deteriorating the durability of concrete with the forming of waterproofing layer through the infiltration into the fine porous avities of the insides of concrete, mortar, and brick etc.


  1. Bridge (traffic lane and sidewalk)
  2. Overpass and sidewalk
  3. Concrete drain pipe
  4. Coastal structure
  5. Waterproofing of internal/external walls’ slab of building

Performance & Effect

  1. Excellent waterproofing capability
  2. Prevention of salt infiltration
  3. Prevention of electrolysis
  4. Durability for freezing fusion
  5. Prevention of efflorescence phenomenon


  1. Usage is simple - It is convenient as it is either being used directly from container or applied with spray.
  2. This has wide adaptability. - This can be applied to both sides of the old and new concrete.
  3. This has self cleaning function. - This takes the role of self cleaning action as it blocks the penetration of foreign materials through the concrete surface.
  4. Protection of concrete surface
  5. Prevention of efflorescence phenomenon

Construction Work Method

Preparation of application Cleaning of surface:

  • Perform thorough cleaning so that there will not be any foreign material on the surface.
  • Drying of surface: There shall not be even any trace of moisture


Preparation of construction work

  • Remove the laitance of surface which has been generated during the curing of concrete with brush.
  • Remove completely the dirt or foreign and organic materials of the concrete surface.
  • Perform the cleaning by completely blowing away the laitance removed by wire brush etc. with compressor etc.
  • Spray once uniformly on the concrete surface in dried state with the sprayer for low pressure application (5Kg/Cm2).
  • When the application surface area is small, roller or brush can be used, and for the hair-crack section of less
  • than 2mm, perform the spray with sufficient quantity.
  • The concrete surface shall be protected for more than 48 hours after spraying of the waterproofing agent


Although it differs in accordance with the level of the surface cavity, 2m2~4m2 will be covered with 1 liter. (Standard usage 0.4Liter / m2)


200l/DRUM or 20L/CAN