Bridge Duct Grouting Material


This is a dry material premixed with high-grade cement and a variety of inorganic and organic materials. It has the technical properties of non-segregation, non-bleeding, micro-expansion and high fluidity. After adding the water proportion, stir evenly at the construction site. This product is used for the duct grouting material of the post-tensioned, pre-stressed tendon of the bridge beam. The implementation standard of this product is JTG/T F50-2011.


The product is used for the duct grouting material of post-tensioned pre-stressed tendon of bridge beam and void filling.

ts168g bridgeduct grouting


  1. Even with small application amount by lowering the water cement ratio, the fluidity is fine, therefore, the pouring or injection is easy.
  2. During the progress of hydration, this will be filled up the grouting section through the expansion.
  3. As this is the non-metallic material, absolutely no metallic material which can generate rust is contained.
  4. The volume will be maintained even in the winter season as high strength can be exerted in the early stage.
  5. The stability of grout and the adhesive force with existing concrete surface are remarkably excellent

Application Method

  1. Before applying the product, remove the foreign material from the pouring section, make wet the area sufficiently with water, and eliminate the stayed water on the surface before the grout pouring.
  2. First of all, pour water into the mixing device, and perform the thorough mixing by putting in VMG AF-1 while pouring cement and sand slowly.
  3. Use aggregate as dried surface saturation state, and perform the mixing for 3∼5 minutes.
  4. When using gravel, after putting in water, and then the sand and gravel, input the mixing agent and cement before the mixing and using it.