Industries need to understand how to sustain in a long run,
so do we.

Health & Safety

Safe usage is one of the highest priorities within Q-MAX


We supply and source products that are sustainable


We value your business and the trust you place in us thus maintain strict & principled business practices


Identify waste and plan for resources efficiently


A company's sustainability targets touch on everything in the company including sourcing, distribution, supply chain, office efficiency, human resources and R&D. Good sustainability goals help enhance the way Q-MAX operates across its entire business.


Sustaining Sales growth target compared to the past year


Invest more time in business & market development


More employees every next year

Interested in Our Products?

Waterproofing Agents

Waterproofing agents help you to protect your concrete structures and ensure it has a long serviceable life.

Construction Chemicals

Chemicals for construction that include curing, detaching, rust protection, epoxy agents & adhesives.