Asphalt Primer


Asphalt primer, a primer made of asphalt and rubber as the main materials, is a product not only used for water-proofing, preservative and anti-corrosive treatment of concrete outer wall, rooftop, and steel plate deck, but also used as an adhesive to reinforce the adhesion between the road pavement and the waterproof layer by forming a film on the substrate.


Wood preservation, adhesive for water-proofing sheet, water-proof, base coat for water-proofing work, and base coat for metal protection layer


Asphalt, rubber and volatile solvent

Construction Method

  1. Fully dry the work surface
  2. Clean the substrate before starting the work so that there is no foreign substance such as dust or oil, and eliminate dents, cracks and any other factors which may degrade the basic performance of the product.
  3. Apply the primer using a roller or a spray
  4. Dry it until the viscosity of the primer disappears (1 to 5 hours at 25 ℃) before starting the work, and, if 24 hours have inevitably passed after applying the primer or if the coated surface is contaminated with foreign substances, apply the primer again.

Amount to be applied


Concrete Surface

Rough Mortar Surface Smooth Mortar Surface Metal Surface

Wood Surface



0.2~0.4 0.1~0.3 0.1~0.2



200l/DRUM or 18L/CAN


  1. As it is an inflammable substance, use of fire is prohibited during handling and storage of this substance.
  2. As the solvent evaporates during primer work, be sure to ventilate the area if the work is done in a place not well ventilated