Q-MAX™ Retarder


Q-MAX™ Retarder SG-100R is a highly efficient admixture which is a modified Polycarboxylic Ether (PCE) & Sodium Gluconate mix.


Q-MAX™ Retarder SG-100R is used as a retarding admixture in structural and mass concrete where a controlled extension of setting time is required, such as:

  • Large volume pours
  • Avoidance of cold joints
  • Construction joints without formwork
  • Long hauls
  • Difficult placing conditions
  • Elevated temperatures


  • Controls extension of setting times
  • Q-MAX™ Retarder SG-100R does not contain chlorides or other ingredients promoting corrosion of steel reinforcement. It is therefore suitable for reinforced concrete structures.

Optimizations / Approvals

  • Conforms to EN 934 Part 2
  • KS F 2560
  • ASTM C-494 Type B, D & G
  • EN 934-2: T3.1/3.2
  • IS 9103

Product Information

Chemical Base Polycarboxylic Ether (PCE) & Sodium Gluconate mix
Packaging SG-100R is supplied 250kg/Drum or Tank Lorry.
Appearance / Color Light Brown
Shelf Life Twelve (12) months from date of manufacture if stored correctly
Storage Conditions Store free from frost and between +5°C and +35°C.
Specific Gravity 1.11 g/cm3 @ 20°C
Total Chloride Ion Content Nil

Recommended Dosage

0.3 – 3.0% by weight of cement (270 – 2,700 ml for 100 kg cement)
The retardation rate achieved is directly dependant on the dosage rate which in turn is influenced by the quality of cement, aggregates, w/b ratio, and temperatures.

Overdosing Effects

Dosages above the recommended limits may cause excessive retardation, but ultimate strengths aren’t affected negatively. During this period the concrete must be kept moist in order to prevent premature drying out.