Repair Mortar


Polymer mortar is the polymer’s repair mortar of cement group and it is the product to display superb performance effect on the repair, reinforcement, and durability increase, neutralization prevention of concrete structure etc. through excellent adhesive force to deteriorated structure.


  1. Through the non-shrinkage, high strength will be realized in the early stage.
  2. With the simple water addition, the workability is excellent.
  3. Prevent salt damage and harmful chemical composition.
  4. Increase the durability through the reduction of crack generation
  5. Freezing fusion prevention effect and wear resistance
  6. Excellent waterproof and chemicals resistance


  1. Repair, reinforcing of the vertical, horizontal surfaces of architectural, civil concrete structures
  2. Repair the concrete structures of Road Bridge, tunnel, power plant, dam etc.
  3. Repair, reinforcing of the damaged section of various concrete structures
  4. Repairing of water purification plant, waste water treatment plant, drainage outlet, and underground structures of drain pipeline




Remortar Water


Plaster work


25 kg 3.75-4.0


Spraying work


25 kg 4.0-4.25 1800-2000

Application Method

  1. Adjustment of base surface - Before the construction work, perform thorough cleaning of the base surface so as to eliminate foreign material including dust, oil etc., and get rid of irregularity and crack state, abnormalities of connection joint section, or other elements obstructing basic performance of the product. Maintain the base surface in wet state during the construction work.
  2. Mixing - Input the water first with the ratio of powder (repair mortar) : water = 25kg : 3.75L ~ 4.25L, and perform the thorough mixing for about 3~4 minutes with low speed electric mixer by adding the repair mortar to be matched with the moisture level of the dough. * Quantity of water can be adjusted in accordance with the application method.
  3. Coating - First, make wet the coated section with sponge, sprayer, remove the moisture, and then perform the curing with sufficient water spray after spreading the mixed mortar with trowel for plastering or spray coating work.
  4. Condition of application work - Avoid direct sunlight. If the temperature is dropped below 5℃ or if the rainfall is forecasted, the work cannot be performed, and insulation sheet shall be covered so that the work section will not be suffered the freezing damage.