Curing Compound


The Q MAX-CURING COMPOUND is used to prevent the crack and drying contraction and to have efficient curing by maintaining wet state of the poured concrete surface.




  1. Concrete pavement road and airstrip
  2. Road and bridge construction work
  3. Dam and mass concrete
  4. Structure’s section with excessive exposure and slab


  1. Prevent drying contraction and crack of concrete
  2. More efficient promotion of hydration
  3. Maintain the curing temperature at low.
  4. Increase of surface strength
  5. Uniform curing effect
  6. Saving of curing cost

How to use

  1. Use just before the completion of bleeding phenomenon after the finishing work which is preceded by the completion of concrete pouring.
  2. Perform the coating evenly to the front and rear/left and right with the amount of 40~50㎝ from the concrete surface with sprayer or watering pot.
  3. For the dried section of concrete, perform the coating after wetting it sufficiently with water before using the curing agent.
  4. Just after using the sprayer, remove the curing agent with detergent (solvent or water)

Amount of Usage

Regular Surface

Rough Surface

7m2~10 m2/ℓ

4 m2~7 m2/ℓ


20ℓ/CAN, 200ℓ/DRUM


  1. Avoid direct sunlight or high temperature and make storage at the location with good ventilation.
  2. For aqueous product, be careful about freezing in the winter season.